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Preparation and the process

About Murphys Fish Taxidermy


Once you have caught your trophy fish, you have a couple decisions;

1) Keep the fish for a skin mount, or...

2) Take measurements (length and girth), take a picture, release the fish, then.. Contact me at (810)-533-9285.

Prepare the fish for storage or the freezer;  Not the only way, but I would suggest putting table salt or borax on the fish - both sides.  If you can't do this ~ do not worry.  Then, wrap the fish in a wet towel and put the fish and towel in a garbage bag.  Wrap it up tight.  Deliver it to Murphysfishtaxidermy.  (It will store like this for at least a full year, once frozen)


2885 Black Eagle Ridge Howell MI 48843 US   |  +1.810.533-9285  |  dougmurphy66@gmail.com

For more than 35 years, I have been working with fish, and only fish.  This has allowed me focus solely on perfecting the most visually dynamic and realistic results for my customers trophy fish.  Take a look at my project gallery, and I think you will see the difference.

I have always had a full time job outside of Murphysfishtaxidermy.  Fish Taxidermy is a hobby for me, and so I work from home.  I like to provide turn around times for my customers to under 9 months, so therefore, I take in a limited number of fish each year.  Call me at 810-533-9285.